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Taking Portable Toilets Seriously with Isuzu

Aug 13, 2018

The Company

The hiring and servicing of portable toilets might be an unglamorous topic, but Serious Pty Ltd takes pride in providing for life’s necessities – adding a touch of flair to the mundane.

Thinking outside the cubicle is the Serious Pty Ltd business model. Service, service, service is their mantra, and no Australian liquid waste company does it better.

Damon Gibson, Operations Manager at Serious, said he and founder Floyd Hastie have taken the business from strength to strength.

“We specialise in bulk liquid waste transportation and the hiring and servicing of portable toilets from the home renovator to the construction industry. Not forgetting that a big part of our business is event waste management.

“We design luxury toilet trailers to service the film and television industry, we have to provide a 6-star service to those guys and believe that the construction and events industries should have the same level of service.

The Challenge

A large event that’s lacking public toilets can quickly become a disaster, so reliability was a key consideration when Serious chose Isuzu for their fleet of toilet and waste transport vehicles.

Damon said the company’s newest addition, an Isuzu FRR 107-210 medium wheelbase model, is its most exciting yet.

“We’ve always bought Isuzu because its car licence models are fantastic, but the FRR is a step up for capacity.

“Its ability to carry bigger loads will save us money, and provide a better service to our customers.

“Isuzu are more capable of handling weight than the other truck brands we own, and they’re far smoother to drive.”

The Solution

The FRR 107-210 has a 10,700 kg rated GVM and a turbocharged Isuzu N-4HK1-TCS engine – a highly fuel-efficient, low-emissions engine – which can produce 154 kW @ 2,400 rpm and 726 Nm @ 1,600 rpm,

This makes the FRR powerful enough to carry huge loads, without sacrificing its mobility in tight areas.

With ease of operation one of Serious’ priorities, the company chose the FRR’s third generation Torque Converter equipped Automated Manual Transmission (TC-AMT), with fully automatic and clutchless manual operation modes.

Isuzu’s TC-AMT provides a sophisticated and intuitive driving experience for Serious’ drivers, which Damon said matches the company’s business strategy.

“The FRR’s capability is huge,” he said. “We’ll be able to react to new jobs a lot quicker and enhance our profits.

“I really enjoy driving Isuzu because I find them non-complicated and easy to operate, and our new drivers will feel the same.

“When we were buying our initial fleet, we experimented with our selection process and bought a range of different truck brands to find out which would work best.

“Our major focus now is on buying more Isuzu NPR 45-150 models.

“They’re reliable and when we advertise for positions, we can employ anyone with a car licence.

“We feel comfortable taking the trucks anywhere because owning Isuzu has given us peace of mind.

“I tell everyone, “Isuzu gets the job done!”

Just like their owners.

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