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Source Separation Systems

Feb 29, 2024

What is Source Separation Systems?

Source Separation Systems, an Australian-owned family business established in 2007, stands as a beacon for sustainable waste diversion. Founded by Peter Cruwys (Managing Director), the company emanates from his profound appreciation for Australia’s beauty, nurtured during his international stint. Dedicated to providing world-class products that simplify sustainable living, Source Separation Systems has evolved into a key player in waste diversion.

Source Separation Systems envisions a future where waste and recycling practices are seamlessly transformed. Their logo, embodying the interconnected, circular dependencies, reflects their commitment to understanding and addressing the needs of all stakeholders, from waste generators to processing and recycling facilities.

The Source Separation Product line

Source Separation Systems provide an extensive range of innovative recycling products, aimed to make Australia a more sustainable place through waste diversion, recycling and circular economy practices. Our products include an extensive range of best practice systems designed for various streams, and environments, including our popular Compost-A-Pak corn-based bin liners.

Their expert team work with clients to ensure a right solution that both optimises recovery from the client’s unique waste streams, and complements unique décor. Source Separation Systems can even partner with clients to manufacture customised solutions or retrofit existing bins, leveraging the companies’ inhouse manufacturing team.

Recycling Products

The company’s innovative recycling products are designed to connect Australians to a more sustainable world. Discover proven systems for your space, which ensure being more sustainable is a simple, convenient change. Offering products for the outdoors, home, commercial spaces, hospital, campus, and schools, their recycling solutions are applicable to a wide array of spaces.


Compost-A-Pak® are Australian certified compostable bags and liners made of corn sourced from international GMO-free regions. Source Separation System’s industry leading compostable bags have been assisting customers to make the simple switch to a sustainable alternative for over 10 years. Known across the industry for their high quality, Compost-A-Pak® products are made predominantly of waste corn, and are Australian Certified compostable.

A renewable solution that can be purchased for your home, school or small business. Source Separation Systems also offers commercial, wholesale, and government purchases.


Effective partnerships happen when individuals share the same values as they work towards a project goal. Source Separation Systems offer the following services empowered with industry experts:

  • Rollout and Distribution Programs
  • Community Asset Auditing
  • Custom Build Projects
  • Retrofit Recycling Solutions
  • Single – Use Plastic Free Freight

Find out more about Source Separation System’s innovations and solutions by visiting their website her or meeting the team at the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE) this July.

Source Separation Systems at AWRE:

In 2023, the Source Separation Systems team had exhibited at the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo where they showcased their innovations to 2000+ visitors. Responding to the question asked by the Waste Management Review, “Why are events like AWRE important to the industry?”, Peter Cruwys shared

“These events are not just about promoting products and services.

Certainly, we do get to connect with new customers. Deciding to engage our team is an easy decision when you can see and feel the quality of our products.

However, the real value in these events is the ongoing discussions that occurs with existing customers and industry leaders. Getting together outside of formal structures to talk with such a diverse group is a unique opportunity. Challenges are shared and connections made which often form the basis for future innovations. It’s our shared passion for change and willingness to work together which will see the industry continue to progress.”
– Peter Cruwys, Managing Director 

This year, their FOGO experts are attending AWRE 2024. Taking a well earnt break from house-to-house distributions, the team will be keen to discuss the benefits of various caddy designs, the debate about compostable bags, tips on community education and how our unique purpose build FOGO Distribution software sets our programs apart.

View their website to find out more about Source Separation Systems here or meet the team at the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo this 24-25 July at the ICC Sydney.

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