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Spotlight on Planet Ark National Recycling Week 2013

Nov 6, 2013

Taking place from Monday 11 to Sunday 17 November 2013, National Recycling Week highlights the ongoing developments in residential and commercial recycling. The event also offers more opportunities for the recycling industry to work with corporations and local councils to boost recycling rates nationwide and identify areas for improvement.

About National Recycling Week

Founded by Planet Ark in 1996, National Recycling Week quickly became a respected annual event for its promotion of responsible recycling behaviour at local, state and national levels. National Recycling Week receives funding and support from the recycling industry and corporate sponsorship arrangements, and has succeeded in improving kerbside recycling rates as well as facilitating recycling at commercial and industrial sites.

Outside of the focal week, Planet Ark and its sponsors continue to provide information and support through websites and publicity materials throughout the year.

NRW achievements

National Recycling Week 2012 directly resulted in significant electricity, water and carbon dioxide emission savings as businesses participated in the program’s Friday File Fling activity to lower their energy consumption. Promotion of the week’s events and objectives also led to an increase in recycling-based news stories, raising the profile of recycling and inviting discussions at workplaces and schools.

With more businesses employing environmentally responsible waste disposal practices to reduce emissions, the recycling industry has also benefited from this annual program of events, working with organisations of all sizes to develop efficient waste-recycling strategies.

NRW partnerships

A number of major recycling groups and manufacturers support National Recycling Week, including:

•    Tetra Pak: A major manufacturer of recyclable drink cartons worldwide, Tetra Pak has committed to doubling the recycling rate of paperboard drink cartons by 2020.
•    Aluminium Can Group: Representing Australia’s aluminium can industry, the Aluminium Can Group focuses on household waste disposal.
•    Australian Packaging Covenant: More than 800 organisations are signatories of the APC, signing agreements to lower the environmental impact of packaging at all stages of the supply chain.
•    Century Yuasa: The original automotive battery recycler in Australia, Century Yuasa aims to improve convenience for disposing of batteries from cars and other motor vehicles responsibly, in communities and organisations.
•    Flooring Xtra and Dunlop Flooring: These sponsors of ARW have developed a 100 per cent recyclable carpet underlay to reduce the burden on landfills.

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