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The World’s First Modular Closed-Loop Garden System

Jun 30, 2022

Modbed+ – the world’s first modular closed-loop garden that converts food waste into rich food for plants – In less than 2 days the urban compost solution is already 70% funded on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo,. The latest home composting innovation from Subpod, Modbed+ is perfect for small spaces and balconies.

Modbed+ is a complete vermiculture-based composting unit that can compost an average weekly household of17 lbs of food waste (EPA 2010). The unique ‘compost + grow’ solution provides a fertile garden and eliminates food waste for one- to four-person households.

“Modbed+ was inspired by requests from our community for a composting and growing system suitable for urban living,” said Saadi Allan, CEO of Subpod. “Our team embraced that challenge, and we are proud to help people in cities reconnect with natural systems that turn waste into a resource.”

Australia-based Subpod is on a mission to make composting a part of everyday life and their compost systems, Subpod Classic and Subpod Mini, have become leading home compost solutions in Australia, USA and the UK in just 18 months.

The patent-pending Modbed+ design creates an ideal environment for worms and beneficial microbes, so they can compost and breed quicker than they would in a traditional compost system. The worms also feed the soil in a luxurious wood bed that acts as insulation, keeping away smells and pests, while providing a productive gardening space.

Unlike traditional compost systems, worms and healthy microbes roam freely in and out of the system. As they move through the garden bed, worms aerate the soil and spread compost, which nourishes the soil and helps feed the plants.

Today, an estimated one-third of all the food produced in the world goes to waste. Food waste is one of the biggest hidden drivers of climate change. When food breaks down in a landfill, it generates methane, a green house gas that is 28 times more powerful than CO2.

“We are excited to be back on Indiegogo with Modbed+,” Allen said. “It’s where we got our start. People from 26 countries came together to back our original Subpod Classic system in early 2019. Now, almost two and a half years on, our systems are used in over 33,000 homes and businesses around the world.”

You can visit the Subpod team at AWRE from 24-25 August 2022, ICC Sydney! Register online for free entry and head over to Stand F54 to speak to the team about this state-of-the-art urban composting solution.

Email Subpod at [email protected] to arrange an interview or call +61 407 877 309.

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