24-25 Jul 2024

AWRE 2022 commits to sending just 5% of event waste to landfill

Jul 26, 2022

AWRE is leading the way in sustainable event management, and with the help of the ICC Sydney and our other event partners, we have set an ambitious target to send just 5% of our event waste to landfill.

This compares to 70-80% seven years ago when the Towards Zero Landfill project was born.

The event industry is notorious for generating huge amounts of waste and we can’t achieve this target alone. We’re working closely with our event partners on a shared sustainability vision to reduce our environmental impact and lead a behavioural shift within the industry. The ICC Sydney, home to AWRE, has a strong sustainable event philosophy of its own and we’re working collaboratively to achieve the same goal and work towards a zero waste vision for best practice.

AWRE will maximise the use of ICC Sydney’s waste management facilities to help reach our 5% target, and with the backing of their solid sustainability foundations, we’re closer than ever to meeting this ambitious goal.

With the support of ICC Sydney and our other suppliers and contractors, our combined pledge to the Towards Zero Landfill project is captured in five core initiatives. #StriveforFive

Separate waste at the source

  • Separate soft plastics waste stream
  • Use of compostable bin liners in organic bins
  • Organic waste separation of food
  • Separate section recycling bins – organics, paper, mixed recycling and landfill

Reduce single-use plastics

  • Water refill stations to encourage visitors to bring their own bottles
  • Using LED and digital signage
  • All plastic straws replaced with paper straws
  • Replacement of paper event guide with digital AWRE app
  • Coffee cup lids an opt-in at kiosk

Use of recycled materials

  • Recyclable/compostable packaging
  • Use of recycled cardboard signage
  • 100% recycled/recyclable features including: Seminar Theatre stages

Energy reduction

  • Only use low vault LED lighting
  • Power shutdown from 10pm – 6am
  • Only reticulated air is used in heating and cooling machines

Repurpose and recover

  • Donate excess food to OzHarvest
  • Donate leftover furniture
  • All lanyards will be collected, re-used or recycled

Help us achieve our Towards Zero Landfill pledge and register online for free entry to AWRE on 24-25 August 2022. #StriveforFive

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