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Access Environmental Systems – CoolFog

Feb 27, 2024

​Coolfog Solutions: Temperature, Dust, & Odour Control

Access Environmental Systems

Access Environmental Systems offers new technology, providing solutions for temperature, dust and odour control throughout various industries. AES design, manufacture, installs, commission and service fogging system technologies. Coolfog systems provide effective answers to managing your industrial site and have been installed throughout Australia and overseas in New Zealand, India, The Middle East, Spain, England, Scotland and Canada.

What is Cool Fog?

Coolfog systems pressurize water at 1000psi through nozzles designed to produce water droplet particles known as fog, which will evaporate into the atmosphere within seconds, thus reducing the surrounding temperature. This fog will also encapsulate and suppress any dust particles that may be present in the atmosphere whilst falling to the ground. Coolfog systems can be controlled by a digital on/off controller or by remote control. All Coolfog pump modules are manufactured using stainless steel frames and covers which are weather resistant ensuring long life allowing for internal and external installations. All the main, delivery and fogging lines are manufactured from nylon high pressure tubing, which is UV stabilized, flexible, simply pushes into the special fittings and is easy to install. The fogging lines are installed by fixing to an attached cable suspended the length of the building or to a fixed structure.

How does it work?

  • Temperature Control: Through uniquely designed nozzles, Coolfog pressurises water to 1000 PSI, producing minute water droplet particles that evaporate into the atmosphere within seconds. This causes a reduction in the surrounding temperature by up to 10 degrees.
  • Dust Control: Our technology uses this output of water fog to encapsulate dust particles, which makes them too heavy to remain airborne and effectively suppresses them safely to the ground.
  • Odour Control: Plant odours are controlled by introducing liquid odour neutralisers into the Coolfog water supply. Once the treated water is fogged into the atmosphere the odour control product acts to neutralise odours, improving both the working environment and its surroundings.

Providing Solutions for the Foundry & Waste Industries

Foundry and waste industries face a growing number of legal challenges from local, state, federal legislative, and EPA groups regarding their emissions. Coolfog offers a solution to help these industries operate productively and in harmony with residential expansion.

Providing a variety of solutions, businesses can take the initiative towards environmentally friendly suppression technologies, which also address the productivity inefficiencies faced in many industries due to outdated, traditional cleaning and suppression methods.

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