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Feb 27, 2024

The issue of trade waste:

Wet trade slurry from the wash up of cement, concrete, grouts, render and sediment is generated on building sites each day. Typically, at the end of the day, all tools including cutting machinery, mixers, wheelbarrows, and hand tools must be washed before the wet trade slurry sets. Slurry waste incorrectly disposed of in gardens can leach through the soil and alter the soil chemistry, inhibit plant growth, and contaminate the groundwater. While slurry entering stormwater drains quickly ends up in our rivers, creeks, groundwaters and oceans. Heavy metals, toxic chemicals, nutrients, and other pollutants bind to the sediments and are easily transported spreading the pollution and causing irreversible damage to our delicate ecosystems and aquatic life.



SLURRYTUB is a simple and portable ‘filter system’ designed to protect the environment and surrounding ecosystems from contamination. It also protects the home owners’ lawns/gardens, surrounding stormwater systems and expensive to maintain sewer pipes from being blocked by solidifying cement slurry. A world first Australian innovation, locally developed and manufactured in Melbourne. Today, they export the SLURRYTUB system to the UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

How does it work?

The SLURRYTUB is a heavy-duty recyclable plastic tub, lined with a biodegradable paper filter. The system captures and filters the wet trade waste leaving visibly clear water to drain within the designated washout areas or be recycled. When dry enough, simply dispose of the hardened waste, along with the biodegradable filter into the work site skip or other approved disposal method.

The product has many performance attributes, but in the context of waste management and recycling, SLURRYTUB provides the user with the ability to:

  1. CONTROL the environmentally damaging contaminants (TSS and heavy metals) from a cement/concrete washout,
  2. RECYCLE the filtered and collected wash water, and;
  3. RECYCLE the separated solid cement/concrete waste and;
  4. SAVE millions of litres of precious water by reducing the practice of washing down impacted surfaces on residential or commercial jobsites.

All that’s needed is a number of key waste and recycling stakeholders to support the use of a portable filter system on building sites for when sediment control guidelines are recommended and published.

In Australia, the environmental performance of a building/construction site is a critical contributor to the overall impact on how we manage waste. SLURRYTUB provides the user with the necessary control of all washout waste – wet and dry. It turns a problematic wet waste issue on site into a more easily managed DRY waste – both which are able to be recycled(the filtered water and the solid cement waste).

SLURRYTUB Specifications:

  • SLURRYTUB can hold up to 40 – 50L (13 gallons) of wet trade waste material. Typically enough from a standard wheelbarrow.
  • The filters perform best when washing out CEMENT based material and will usually drain between 30 – 60 mins
  • The filter has been designed to capture cementitious solids in most wash water down to 25-28 microns

Please note: Washing up with SLURRYTUB after using some adhesives/grouts, elastic sealants/ coatings, floor levelling compounds and any finer sediment material WILL significantly slow the draining speed.

Where do I let the filtered water drain?

You should always allow the filtered water from SLURRYUTB drain into a protected wash up area or be captured and recycled on the job. This a great way to increase water savings on your jobsite.



“Our participation at AWRE 2023 was strategically important to an Australian owned a ‘start-up’ business like ours. It provided the opportunity and platform to engage with the wider waste and recycling industry to highlight the contribution that a new, innovative and effective product like SLURRYTUB can make. We look forward to increasing this engagement again at AWRE 2024 in July.” – David Flintoff, CEO of SLURRYTUB

AWRE 2023 Innovation Pitch Fest

The AWRE Innovation Pitch Fest was won by SLURRYTUB – a portable filtering system that provides a simple, cost-effective, and environmental solution for the capture and recycling of cement site waste. The Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo will return to the ICC Sydney, 24 – 25 July 2024. Subscribe – AWRE to receive industry updates, information on exhibitors and products, seminars, registration details, activities and conference updates, and more!

Find out more SLURRYTUB by visiting their website here or meet the team on stand A24 at the 2024 Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo this July at the ICC Sydney.

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