Product & Innovation

How technology is improving waste management

In the 20 years between 1996 and 2016, the population of Australia rose by 28 per cent, but its waste production soared up by 170 per cent.

Rethinking waste management through recycling robots

Victoria’s Sunshine Groupe will unveil a global-first artificial intelligence-driven waste sorting system in late July, created by Finland’s ZenRobotics. The system Australia will see is the world’s first 3 gantry ZRR unit, built in Tampere, Finland.

Eriez Magnetics CleanStream ferrous process provides competitive edge in scrap metal market

Eriez says its innovative CleanStream process is revolutionising ferrous processing in the scrap metal market with best-in-class metal recovery rates and grade improvement.

How smarter communication technology is transforming industry

IMPULSE Wireless’s technologies overcome the limitations of digital and analogue radio while maintaining the advantages of instant two-way communications.

Five minutes with Afram Hanna, Founder and CEO of GreenHands

We spoke with the founder and CEO of, an online marketplace for recycling Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste.

AWRE Exhibitor – Eriez Magnetics: case study

SA recycling discovers Eriez Metal Loss Monitor’s potential to improve profits and predict inefficiencies

How 3D printing could build a home from rubbish

Housing affordability and waste management are two major challenges that Australia is trying to address. The solution to both problems may actually be tied together through the innovations brought around by the 3D printing industry, creating a collaboration between the two fields.

100% recycled ink for artists

We interviewed the founders of Lousy Ink, Mike Eleven and Oli Ruskidd to find out more about how their innovative idea to use ink runoff from discarded inkjet cartridges once deemed for landfill or chemical waste burn-off to ink for artists.

Dust and water-free sweepers come Down Under

European manufacturer of industrial applications using vacuum-based technology, DISAB, has introduced a new concept for road sweepers, comprising a high vacuum cleaning system built into a road and area sweeper. Road and area sweeping tends to generate dust around the brushes and in the outgoing air from the machine. The Disa-Clean 130 promises a cleaner, […]

Great coffee, without the waste

A new Australian invention allows cafes to use 80% less plastic, and also makes a great coffee. Known as the Juggler, the machine allows any organisation serving milk based drinks to cut packaging and serve precise quantities. Featured at AWRE 2016, the Juggler will be used on coffee carts as part of the event’s Towards […]