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Ecoloop: Australia’s first circular ACP solution

Nov 17, 2020 Recycling

The construction industry contributes to almost all types of pollution and is responsible for over 30% of the extraction of natural resources, as well as 25% of solid waste generated in the world. With more emphasis being placed on sustainability and the circular economy, especially in construction, Fairview is taking a proactive approach to enhance […]

Plotting a circular pathway

Nov 16, 2020 Event News

This year’s AWRE is providing a platform to connect industry stakeholders, issues and policy, as the waste and resource recovery sector gears up for an investment driven 2021.

How has COVID affected the waste and recycling industry?

Nov 13, 2020 Waste Solutions

The pandemic has no doubt seen great health impacts across several industries, communities and business sectors.

Eriez® announces new RevX-E® Eddy Current Separator with Quick Change Belt System

The latest generation of the Eriez® RevX-E® product line combines the same high performance separation of previous models with a variety of maintenance-friendly enhancements, including an innovative cantilever frame design which enables 10 minute belt changes.

Victorian Government seeking feedback on CDS proposed model

The Government is asking Victorians to provide feedback on the proposed model for the state’s container deposit scheme, due to be rolled out by 2023.

Striving for a Circular Economy with the NSW EPA

Nov 9, 2020 Partners

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is leading the way in creating a circular economy in NSW.

Recycling’s Silicon Valley

Nov 6, 2020 Waste Solutions

As Northern Ireland continues to be a major player in the materials handling market, Unearthed speaks with key stakeholders about the role equipment ingenuity can play in Australia’s circular economy transition.

The future of energy from waste

Nov 4, 2020 Resources

The energy from waste (EfW) sector has long standing history in many parts of the world. And although Australia has been a little slower in adopting these new technologies, recent years has seen growing debate and proposals on the planning and development path.

The right recycling equipment for the Australian circular economy

Nov 2, 2020 Recycling

With unprecedented incentives and opportunities in recycling, the ground is shifting towards Australian re-processing of valuable commodities. But markets need to be developed to take up more recyclables.

Innovation for NSW circular economy programs

Oct 29, 2020 Partners

Join the NSW Environment Protection Authority and learn about the latest innovations in government and commercial circular economy programs.

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